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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Healthy Time Suck

As if I needed another reason to spend endless hours in front of the computer...

I have heard, and looked at, the SparkPeople site before but I was always a little overwhelmed. And then I received an email from my friendly neighborhood personal trainer about starting a SparkTeam and I felt the pressure to join. Because I'm a joiner people. So I went on and there goes another two hours of my life. Seriously though, it could be worse. I could be spending two hours on celeb gossip sites, which I don't do anymore because I think the whole thing is just kind of creepy. But I digress. You can track your food and fitness on SparkPeople and there's so much stuff you will spend days just looking at it all. Which is kind of the opposite of the intent (to be active and healthy). But maybe it will fire you up to get healthy! They even have diet and fitness plans. And it's FREE. So come and join me. Be my friend. I'm registered as "momathlon" (of course).

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