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Friday, May 29, 2009

One of Those "Oh God, I Think I'm Going to Die" Days

Last night my husband and I went to the local pool to swim laps. To say I was sucking wind (and a little water) would be an understatement. I know most people are not proficient in the swimming. Now I truly understand why. I like to be in the water and swim. Swimming laps back and forth not so much. But I am determined to be a better swimmer, as that is kind of necessary in triathlons. I am currently reading Total Immersion and I understand how swimming should feel. But putting it all together is something else. And 25 meters seems like a long way across the pool. I can't even imagine 50 or an open water swim yet. I did many laps back and forth, reverting to backstroke when I was winded. And I had 1 lap where I felt like it all came together. I could actually feel that I was doing it right. My husband said it looked like I only took about 4 strokes and I was across the pool. But he has to say stuff like that. So I thought I would be all rested for my C25K Week 6 Day 2 today. Instead I developed some tingling sensation right on my ankle bone and every time it touched the bed I woke up. It didn't hurt but it felt weird. But I woke up and dragged myself out of bed. Then my IPod was dead. That made everything decidedly harder. I couldn't catch my breath, my pace was dead slow, and I started feeling a pain in my hip and tightening in my leg and knee. I don't know if I have IT band issues. My knee doesn't hurt but I have a pain in my butt (literally). I made it through though. Two 10 minute jogs with a (short) 3 minute walk in between. Towards the end I just wanted to give up. I had three minutes to go and it would have been so much easier to just say, "all these things didn't work out so I should just stop." But I didn't. Maybe that same resolve to keep going the last three minutes, even when I really didn't want or need to, will keep me going toward my goals.

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