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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Couch to 5K

I started the Couch to 5K running program five weeks ago because I want to finally, finally become the runner I always dream about. I can walk. Walked a half marathon. But I long to stretch my legs and sprint like a gazelle. Admittedly I will probably never achieve that level of grace and speed but I can dream. I am more of a shuffler. But I have two feet off the ground at once so I'm a jogging shuffler. I have trouble maintaining an even pace and I'll look down and see I'm "jogging" at 13 and a half minute miles so I speed up and then I'm doing sub 11 minute miles. My goal pace is 12 minute miles at this point. I can handle 5 miles per hour. Sure a guy passed me today pushing a baby in a jogging stroller. But he's obviously been doing this a little longer. Plus he didn't actually have to birth the baby. I've had three. That kind of thing slows you down. Add to that the fact that I did not want to leave the comfort of my bed. But I did. And now I'm glad. I'm jog/walking, I like to call it "jalking," 3 miles now. Next month I have to start my 3 Day training so my mileage will go up a little. The goal is to run the Northland Hospice 5K in 38 minutes. It is at 6,000 feet and I keep hoping my adrenaline will make up for the lack of oxygen. Saturday I am scheduled to run 20 minutes straight. I just keep thinking about the blog I'm reading about a woman who started out doing the Couch to 5K and ended up completing 2 Ironmans. Not that that will be me. But I just like to think about people starting small and then accomplishing great things. One day that will be me.

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