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Friday, May 22, 2009


I have recently started taking this class at my local gym. Most people call it spinning. But I belong to a gym that has set classes (Les Mills) so there's not a lot of variety and most classes have "Body" in the title. For example, the yoga class (Body Flow) isn't really yoga. It's a mixture of yoga and pilates. It's more like fitness yoga. The teacher is a personal trainer and not really versed in yoga positions or how to not seriously injure yourself doing a back bend. Come to think of it, I'm pretty sure my shoulder problems were started or exacerbated by this rolling move we did one time. And I sure as hell did not attempt the "striking cobra" after the first time, when it felt like my shoulder joints were made up of ground glass. But I digress (don't worry, it happens all the time). I started the RPM class last week. I had been to one class before and I'm not really sure why I stopped because I enjoy working on the bike. I did buy a gel seat cover before the first class though. Sometimes it is so worth it to research things on the Internet. And then last week I bought padded bike shorts and skipped the gel cover. So nice. And just so you know, even though probably everyone in the world but me knew this, you are not supposed to wear underwear with padded bike shorts. See, everyone just assumes you know this so they never mention it. But I am all about the public service. I thought it would be really weird and gross, kind of like wearing a diaper, but the lack of soreness and chafing more than made up for that. I've found that I really like to get out of the saddle and dig in on the "hills." I have yet to really attempt this on my behemoth of a bike. I keep hinting to my hubs that I would like a new, lighter bike. I don't need some fancy road bike but my bike is seriously like Big Bertha of the bike world. And now that I've started looking at bikes I really, really covet a beach cruiser. I saw a little (OK it was huge) red Schwinn at the bike shop the other day. It was on sale! I want it. But I need a smaller lighter bike so that doesn't really help me any. Some day. Some day.

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