It may look like I'm going slow but I'm just getting started.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Jogging, Leg Pain, A New Bike

C25K Week 7 is complete. At the beginning I don't think I ever thought I could do 25 minutes straight. But I did. Slowly, slowly, slowly. But I made it just the same. This week is 28 minutes, which doesn't really seem so bad. It's just the last few minutes that kill me. I can really feel my form slipping and I'm sure I look like I'm stumbling forward. I imagine I resemble a college freshman after her first binge drinking experience.

In other news, my left leg seems to be rebelling again. I thought it was my piriformis or my ITB. But maybe I'm just getting old? I have a PT friend (thanks to the Gods) who said she would look at it. Some days are better than others. I did purchase new running shoes this weekend. I was really embarrassed as I looked at my tired Asics next to the new shoes. I have worn them for far too long. I was even making excuses for them. But I should be lightning fast in my new Asics Nimbus 11s (HAHA).

Evidently my husband has overcome his fear of me dying on the bike and is starting to say I should buy a new one. I was going to compromise and wait until Christmas. He called me today and said he thinks buying a hybrid is a bad idea and that I should look for an entry level road bike. I told him I wasn't trying to win, just finish. But really, does anyone really need to be talked into buying a new bike? Especially when the rational person in the relationship is saying it's a good idea? I'll let you know how it goes.


  1. I really like this new blog! Even if it is making me feel incredibly lazy. You should be really proud of yourself. You're powering through all your obstacles and just doing it. Thanks, Nike. You rock! ;)

  2. Aawww thanks. Pretty soon you will have all of your own fitness updates. I'm still looking at you for that duathlon next year. : )