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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Camping and Hiking

This weekend we spent two eventful nights in a tent perched on the edge of the Mogollon Rim. Literally perched on the edge. And I ate and ate and ate. Took a little holiday from the Points counting. I had good intentions to follow through on at least healthy eating for breakfast and lunch. But the Pop Tarts undid all of my resolve. I don't usually buy those devil pastries but I thought the kids would like them for a quick breakfast. And I ended up liking them a little too much. We did do quite a bit of walking to counteract the food. We hiked around our campsite and on Saturday we took a hike with the kids around Woods Canyon Lake to see nesting bald eagles and a little eaglet. It was a little hard with two children who seemed to lose the use of their legs but it was worth it. The hike was through a beautiful forest (kind of looked like the Ewok forest) and the temperature was on the cool side. So different from life in Hell. Sunday we took a short hike along the Rim Lakes Vista Trail before heading back. You walk right out to the edge of the Rim (again)! Aaron and I had plenty of exercise carrying children in our arms and on our shoulders. I was fearful of the Monday weigh in but I was down half a pound. I'll take that. Even if the bad eating sneaks up on me in the middle of the week! Back to reality and back to my routine. I could not wake up this morning to run (have I mentioned how exhausting vacation is?) but I know that 3 miles is hanging over my head. Northland Hospice 5K is this weekend. Aaron and I won't be able to run together for this one, which was especially disappointing for Aaron, but we did sign up for another 5K in September and we are determined to run it side by side.

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