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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hot and Cold

C25K Week 7 is going. This week the walking breaks are a thing of the past and I just have to go 25 minutes without stopping. I went Monday night when I thought there was no way I could do it. I was tired and crampy. I usually work out in the morning. My 10 year old was going along on her bike. To her credit she stayed ahead the whole time and did not complain at all. But you know what? I did it. I huffed and puffed and ran the road down. It also really helped that I went right out and bought a new IPod to replace my second broken Shuffle. I invested in a Nano this time because obviously the Shuffle is cursed. So I had music and a partner and it was actually a little breezy. But I think I prefer the morning. Which is why I went this morning. Every time I start out I think I might not make it. But then I tell myself I know I can make it and I just start going. I spent about 5 minutes of the cool down trying to figure out my race pace to make my 5K goal of 38 minutes. And I found I can't really add after working out. Isn't exercise supposed to sharpen your mind? Maybe it's just me. The spinning class kicked my butt yesterday. I told the teacher I would be back because he was tough "in a good way."

I was a little horrified (OK not really because I had a bad week last week) to learn I was up two and a half pounds from last week. I know some of it is water but it is so demoralizing to have one day to officially weigh in and then have to see that number all week. I have a habit of losing, gaining a little, losing. I can't seem to shake this 175 plateau. The last time I did was the South Beach Phase 1 but I don't think I can go back there. I know if I really stick to WW and working out I have to lose weight. Right? And when I said I didn't have days off plan, I meant I WISHED I didn't have days off plan. Some days are so off plan they are medieval. I don't even know what that means. But yesterday I had an exceptional WW day. I am allotted 25 points and I usually earn 4 or so activity points (6 yesterday for spinning). So I actually feel best eating about 30 points a day. I managed to stay within that goal range and not say, "oh it won't hurt to eat this." I also tried to only have one sweet treat (Skinny Cow) so I can hold myself to roughly 150 cals of "junk." The late afternoon is usually my worst time so I just told myself I wasn't hungry and I didn't need to snack. Seemed to work. Wow, telling myself no. Who woulda thought? So I think this will be a good week for me. I will weigh in Monday and have a great weigh in. I'm really trying to commit to a clean 10 weeks. Focus on exercise and food. And not beating myself up too much.

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