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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Back to Reality

Last week was pretty much a wash. I just could not get out of bed. The combination of post-vacation exhaustion and the knowledge school would be starting this week led to a very sedentary lifestyle. And I managed to gain about five pounds. Why is it so hard to lose but so quick to return? Thanks a lot fast food and eating out. OK and my poor choices. But what else can I do but return to the daily grind of Weight Watchers and recording my workouts. I did have a little scare last week when I realized our next 5K was rapidly approaching and I have not moved my feet in a jogging motion for oh, a few weeks. But like a wish, the 5K was mysteriously canceled (and that's not just what I told my husband. It was actually canceled). But I know I need to get back out there and run like the wind. It has just been so hot. Waaaawaaaawaaaa (that's supposed to be a baby cry). And I cannot explain how much I detest the treadmill. I used to prefer running or walking on it but now it feels like a death sentence. So I will have to brave the heat and "Just Do It." Thanks Nike.

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