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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pain in the Butt

Something is wrong in here somewhere. And no, that's not me.

And I'm not talking about trying to work exercise into my daily life, though that is painful as well. I seem to have developed my first sports injury. In reading so many blogs and books about exercise it seems injury is just a way of life. They almost seem to say you will be injured, it's just a matter of when. So this makes me wonder why people push themselves so hard and if our bodies are trying to tell us something. But again, what's the alternative? My injury began as a nagging lower backache. I figured my poor cycling form and swim stroke contributed to that. Then on Sunday before my training walk I twisted to get my shoe and pain shot right down my leg. I have had this butt pain before but it was on the left side. Now it's on the right side. And I sound like a senior detailing all the indignities of my aging body. When I had persistent pain on the right side I diagnosed it (you know, with my Internet MD) as possibly piriformis syndrome. Maybe it's sacroiliac something or other. I passed on the chance to have my PT friend look at it because it went away and I felt a little awkward thinking about my friend massaging my butt. And now she's the mother of a newborn so she doesn't have much in the way of free time. I just keep hoping it will go away. But every morning I wake up and it's still there. When I bend over I have to grit my teeth. I can still walk and ride my bike (I am technically able but severely lacking in motivation) but the tension is always there. And this is an issue I am having a hard time with. If only I knew someone who 1. actually read this blog and 2. had completed a triathlon. I am utterly clueless about the mechanics of getting off the bike and running. Every time I go for a ride (of about 6-7 miles) it takes me a good three minutes to gather up the motivation to swing my oh so stiff leg over the handlebars. How do people just come riding up, throw their bike on the rack and run? My first race will be comedy to anyone observing. As for the back/butt pain, I am considering a trip to the doctor. Should probably check out that lightheadedness too. It's all downhill from here isn't it?


  1. Call Christine! Yes she has a newborn, but every new mom wants to get away for a while. Especially if it means doing something she knows how to do and she's just so darn good at it! She will save you! Okay, I'm done with the exclamation points!

  2. That just sounds so wrong considering she will have to touch my booty butt! I am pretty sure she doesn't want to get away to do that! And I love exclamation points!!