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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Now I Have Seen It All

I am pretty fortunate, in that I have not seen or experienced much craziness while exercising outside (knock on wood). There is the occasional truck parked in the bike lane, honking motorist checking out my sweet walking form and cat and mouse with cars rolling stop signs. But today I was amazed and horrified. I ride my bike in the morning before I wake up the kids and if I go early enough there's not a lot of traffic. If I wait too late then I have to contend with teenagers heading to high school (never good) and distracted people on their way to work. So I'm pumping away today and I see a woman rollerblading in the turn lane WITH A BABY STROLLER!There are so many things wrong with that. And then two motorcycle police ride by and I am amazed they didn't stop the woman and lecture her on safety. I really hate to ride by side streets where people are just as likely to keep going as not but I don't think I'd ever think it was a good idea to ride in the center lane. Hey, what's this huge lane where no one drives? Oh, it must be my own personal rollerblading lane. D'oh. In happier news, my butt pain seems to have given up. Just ignore something and it will go away. Children, do as I say and not as I do.

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