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Saturday, July 4, 2009

5 Miles

So I am up to 5 miles for my Breast Cancer 3 Day training. I am trying to incorporate my tri training with my 3 Day training. I am supposed to run 2 times a week now (welcome relief) and today's time was 24 minutes. Now obviously I cannot run 5 miles in 24 minutes (and if you can, why are you reading my blog?). So I ran 2 miles in 24 minutes and walked the rest. I only had to stop once during my run for a minute and a half so I count that as progress. I have little doubt though that if I plan to run longer distances I will be doing the walk/run combo. I just don't have the stamina for constant jogging. The walking part was not bad at all because I didn't push myself. I just walked. I also walked/jogged to Starbucks and had an iced latte in the middle so that can't hurt. It was HAWT out today so I borrowed a little trick from one of my favorite fitness blogs and dumped the ice from my drink into my sports bra. Yes, I had coffee ice in my bra. I washed it off first though. It was very refreshing. But I thought I was giving myself a heart attack at first because my chest area started hurting during the initial cooling. I'll have to work on distributing the ice. I also wet my hat with cool water and that seemed to help as well. I was practically skipping on the way home. What with the icy chest, cool head, slow pace and IPod. As I was running (and trying not to faint) I thought to myself, "Why do I undue all of the hard work I'm doing right now just for a temporary fix?". Why can I not remember that at the time of the incident? It's much harder to binge when you've gone 5 miles. Or maybe it's easier sometimes because you feel like you deserve it. But that is hardly ever my reasoning. I am really going to work on that. Start telling myself no, start telling myself no, start telling myself no.

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