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Monday, January 25, 2010

Sweet Dilemma and A Goal

OK I am totally flummoxed (I love that word) about what to do with my coffee. I always used Splenda so I wouldn't add calories. Then I started trying to stay away from chemicals and switched to sugar. But I keep reading about the horrible effects of eating too much sugar. So I switched back to Splenda. And then I read about the high incidence of weight gain for people who use sugar substitutes. Aaaagh I don't know what to do anymore. I am leaning towards using sugar because at least it's natural. But I just have to learn to use less. I think before I was using a tablespoon total (for three cups). I'll work on that.

As for the goal, I would like to track what I eat (good or bad) on The Daily Plate for at least five days this week.

I would also like to make this big goal to jump into my training program (to be detailed later) but I would be happy to limp into the program this week following my extremely unpleasant recent illness.

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