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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Move Your Phi't 5K and PR

Christine and I were foundering/floundering (my ever wise mother says foundering is what horses do when they drink too much water so it was like that but with food). So we decided to sign up for a little 5K that WAS NOT held at Kiwanis park - let us never speak of the Newman Center 10K. We settled on Move Your Phi't. And then we spent several minutes discussing what "phi't" means and how to say it. We finally settled on Move your Feet because Move your Fight makes no sense. We were also unsure about the sponsoring organization. Was it a sorority? Was it a philanthropic group? That little mystery was solved at packet pick up when I was greeted by a table of really perky young blond girls. Yes,it was a sorority. Further evidence came the next day when half the race field was composed of really perky blond/sometimes brunette girls in short shorts. And then the frat brothers started arriving amongst much talk of Red Bull and not sleeping in two days. Perfect. But Christine and I were focused. Laser focused on our 35 minute goal. 35 minutes would be a 3 minute 5K improvement.

This was our first all run (no walk) 5K. We previously ran 2.5 in our goal time so we knew we could do it. The race started a little unceremoniously with no announcement. Everyone just started. We held to our slower 1st mile pace (which is always the easy part for me, forget going out too fast). By the start of the second lap I was starting to really feel the heat. It had been so nice and cool but running had to go and ruin it. Plus the sun was beating down with an almost purposeful meanness. Then the mental race started. I couldn't catch my breath and my brain used the opportunity to try and make me believe I would just fall over. And now that I think about it, my brain probably engineered the whole side stitch thing. But I used my time tested method of calling my brain a "bitch" and insisting the only way I would stop is if I fell down. One day my brain may take me up on that but not today. Christine could hear my choppy breathing and she asked if I was OK. I mumbled something and we kept on. I just kept putting one foot in front of the other. At this point we were at about an 11:08 pace and our goal pace was 11:15. I knew we would make it if we just kept on. Finally I saw the turn for the finish and, who in the hell thought this was a good idea, the hill right before. Christine and I powered up that mug and I threw my elbows so hard that anyone in the near vicinity was in danger of blackened eyes. When we reached the top it was just a short jog down to the finish. As we approached the clock I saw it read, "34:00." Christine and I high fived right there. And then I stopped and so did the spinning of the world. OK it wasn't that bad. But there were numerous unpleasant parts. And 34:00 totally makes up for that. Next stop-30:00!

The definite highlight of this race was meeting The Boring Runner. I originally found his blog through EverymanTri so he's kind of famous (and very recognizable and approachable). He asked if I had a blog and I said I did before I remembered I never update my sad little Internet home. So now I have to. Thanks for that!

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