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Monday, August 2, 2010

Vacation Struggles

If you (meaning maybe one person) were wondering what happened to me in the month of July I am here to assure you I'm not going away. I always have these grand schemes for summer vacation. Small things, like redecorating the whole house or finally making a daily schedule that solves all of our problems and brings world peace. But does that ever happen? Instead it's a rush of trying to stay busy and then trying to recover from staying busy. And then the kids are back in school. I need another vacation. Throw in a road trip and a weekend trip to San Diego and summer is pretty much gone. We spent the last week of summer vacation driving to and from Oklahoma. And the worst thing about driving 18 hours (besides driving 18 hours) is the incessant eating. I am like a human vacuum. Of eating. I suppose I eat so much to keep myself from just closing my eyes for a second while driving 80 miles an hour on a busy interstate. I even brought along healthy snacks this time but half a bag of almonds, craisins and chocolate chips kinda adds up. Aaron and I did manage two workouts while on vacation. Not that it canceled out two (maybe three) trips to the ice cream store, one chili cheeseburger, conies, half a chimichanga and bowl of guacamole - and that was just day one. I jest. But not really. OK the food was spread out but in essence it's still the same. Oklahoma is all about eating for me. I think I did better than previous visits in balancing out the bad with the good but I'm still really struggling with the car eating. And that's why I should now fly everywhere I go!

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  1. I read this article last week and thought of you.