It may look like I'm going slow but I'm just getting started.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Wow, imagine that. I have been backsliding a little (lot). I think if I go back and read the entries from the beginning I would find a pattern of behavior. And if I could just break the code on that I would save us all a lot of time and energy. After the tri I took a break and then I got some nasty stomach virus. And then I was lazy. But I begged, BEGGED, my neighbor to please, please run with me. And today she finally relented (mostly to shut me up). She is a trooper because if I had not been running and attempted to run, at any pace, I would just throw up and fall down on the sidewalk. But she did not. And it was good for me. Because I had to slow down. And I actually enjoyed it! I enjoyed not feeling like my lungs were going to explode like a too full bellows. I enjoyed not stumbling and bumbling forward in pain. I actually can run slower and still be running. So hopefully this will help me over the mental block of 3 miles. I.just.can' But maybe I can do it slower! (That's what she said.) Sorry. I haven't had my full caffeine ration. Just suffice it to say I am slowing down to get back on track. And back on track I will be!


  1. :) Remember- triathlon is something we do for fun, among other reasons. Be wary of "have to's" or any self-talk that makes it an obligation. Maybe allowing yourself a few weeks of another fitness routine will get you moving before getting back into the swim-bike-run triality? Besides, you have TONS of time before Nathan's. You ARE doing Nathan's, right? The Oly, with me, a complete stranger who reads your blog and who's blog you occasionally read? :) If you need any encouragement, I am here. I know the burn-out feeling. I think after Tempe International, I may take a few weeks "off" to do random fitness classes at the gym before getting onto another training schedule. Ok, random and ill-organized comments, Sorry!! :)

  2. Kristi-

    I guess the problem is I'm trying to lose weight as a result of the exercise and so no exercise=no weight loss (or the horror, weight gain!) But I am trying to concentrate on the "fun" part. I have verbally agreed to Nathans but I am sure as hell not trying the Oly (I can't seem to make myself stop saying Oly. Next it will be "half mary.") More power to you sister. It is cool though to have a random stranger that is starting triathlon and in AZ. Maybe we'll run into each other some day.