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Thursday, April 1, 2010

I'm Doing It!

Sometimes when I'm swim/bike/run-ing I literally stop in amazement. As you can imagine that is particularly difficult in the pool. But I manage to tread water while patting myself on the back. I cannot tell you how much different I feel about this endeavor than any other I have attempted before. I don't know if that sentence makes sense or not because I cannot concentrate due to the loud volume of The Princess and The Frog in the other room. Back to my point. I have done things I am proud of - the 5K, walking a half marathon, The 3 Day. But I think I always doubted my ability to accomplish them. I know I can finish the triathlon. I won't be first but I think I can come close to my goals. And I know I can finish. In the end that's the most important. Last year I backed out of a mini sprint because I had serious psychological doubts. But this time I have trained quite a bit and I feel really positive. I'm working on some competitiveness issues I have, which is actually quite helpful because I've finally figured out that it's MY RACE. I'm not trying to beat anyone but my own negative self image. And when I do I'm gonna be a sore winner and say, "In your face negative self image." That is probably really therapeutic. I suggest you try it.

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