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Friday, March 26, 2010

Giving Up and Giving In

HA, I wasn't talking about giving up on my fitness. If that's what you were thinking. I was talking about my recent attempt to give up the diet soda for 30 days. I tried this once before, in an attempt to drink more tea, but my caffeine needs were strong and I was weak. This time I have been soda free for one week. I just decided it was time to stop drinking so much soda because there are so many reports citing the health and weight impacts of soda consumption. You would think diet soda would help you lose weight. But no. Plus, the chemicals. And now I just read it's bad for your kidneys. I should just stop reading now and come back here to finish this post! If you are interested Google "diet soda studies" and read until you are curled in a fetal position. I learned even Dean Ornish, DEAN ORNISH, is in with a major soda producer. Where will it end?

So I feel pretty good about my decision. Just need to find more choices on the beverage front. Water is good but blahhh. And I don't know if it's coincidence or what but I have suddenly started losing weight. Could be the multiple workouts and the realization that I can't eat all the calories I burned off. Or it could be the absence of diet soda. I like to think that anyway.

On the tri front, I feel totes prepared for my big tri debut. A feeling I did not have last year. I'm so glad I wimped out of that one, even though I felt crappy about it at the time. I am just in such a different place mentally and I know I can do it. I've even gone above and beyond my goals a couple of times. The swim is definitely my weakest link. I'm slow on the run but I know I can do it. The bike is just a matter of hammering while not trashing my legs. I actually feel a little excited. I'm looking at more events in the future so I don't just flow along aimlessly without a training plan. That is the perfect prescription for weight gain and exercise stoppage. Two more weeks to the start of the rest of my life!

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