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Friday, March 12, 2010

Big Changes

OK I keep planning and scheming to set this blog straight and I finally had a day off to do it. I have been dreaming of updating and changing the look. I took pictures of myself way back in December so I could do Before/After (assuming the transformation was ASTOUNDING) but I never got around to putting them up. Well, no more. Admittedly they are not the best quality (and please ignore the messiness of my bathroom) but there they are. As I focus more and more on fitness I have less to say about other parts of my life. I haven't managed the balancing act so many people seem to have mastered. But right now my health is really important so I hope to update here more. As with my other blog, if one person reads this and thinks, "I can do that. Look at her fat butt," then I have done my job. And PS, you are a mean person. I have been very busy since the last post. I would direct you to my training log as evidence of that. But here's a little recap:

  • I participated in a bicycle clinic and changed a tire!
  • I enrolled in and am attending a Beginner Triathlon class at Tri2BFit. I asked if any of my peeps wanted to join but alas, I had to go it alone. And I think this proves I kick ass.
  • Speaking of peeps, my friend Sara and I harassed invited several ladies to join us in our informal womens triathlon club. We now go around telling people we belong to a triathlon club. We need to get matching shirts. I joke but I am serious about continuing with this and actually starting a formal womens club someday. When I am not so busy. And in better shape.
  • Our triathlon club (see above) has been meeting on Sunday morning for bike rides and breakfast. Even though we have been rained out an extraordinary amount of times considering we live in the desert.
  • I am almost done with week 5 of the Couch to 5K program (again!) Tomorrow is the 20 minute run. I have faced you before my friend. And I will be victorious. Interestingly enough (to me) I have finally found a pace where I don't feel like dying. And I can actually tell the difference when I go faster and come back down. Right now that's a 12 minute mile but I'm not complaining. I'm aiming for negative splits!
  • I have been swimming once a week. I would feel more comfortable with my ability if I had two days to swim but that's not happening now. I actually swam 1200 yards last night. That is almost 3/4 of a mile. I did not want to keep going. But Dory told me to just keep swimming so I did. And yes, I have a Dory in my head to motivate me. Don't you?

  • I have also been back on the watching my food intake front. I am struggling a little because I am so used to Weight Watchers and I had a lot of success on it BUT I don't think it helps me make better food choices. You can eat a lot of weird crap on WW that is low in points but not good for you. I have been just recording my food intake on The Daily Plate but it doesn't have that counting down feature I love. I just had a thought as I wrote that. Why don't I just take my calorie total for the day and subtract my calories from it as I go so I can see how many I have left. The website does that for you but I think if I wrote it down it might help more. See how beneficial this is to everyone involved? Which is just me at this point.
  • Finally, I have been reading and trying to follow the Beck Diet Solution. For me it's like dieting and psychological experimenting on myself all at the same time. I must say though, I have used this book before and I always, always get stuck on the 4th day (of like 42). I don't know why. But last time just the first 4 days helped something click in my brain. And this time I have found I am incorporating more of the positive messages than I ever have. Doesn't mean I don't shudder when I see myself in my bathing suit. But I'm working on it.
I guess that's enough for now. Please leave me a comment if you want to continue this journey with me (and Sara I know you're in so you don't have to). In the meantime, just keep swimming.

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