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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

That is It!

When I stepped on the scale this week I was unpleasantly surprised to see I had gained even more weight. Maybe it's water. Maybe it's the ten hundred almond toffee bites from Costco. I don't know. I was all, "No you di-int," (or however you spell that) and the scale just sat there in stony silence. Lucky for me or we would be discussing my psychotic hallucinations instead of my insufferable struggle with the almighty pound. I said, "No more," to myself because everyone else was asleep. I fooled myself for a while and said I would focus on exercise and let the food thing follow. HA. Then I developed an excruciating case of sciatica and apparently I am growing older and my spine is collapsing. Or possibly something less dramatic. That's what it sounded like. I'm not usually one to avoid the doctor but for some reason I was cool with having a numb streak running down my leg and into my toes. Until I started thinking it might not be such a great thing to have for an extended period of time. So I had to bother my PT friend (I'm sure she's been mentioned on more than a few blog posts between me and Sara). She hooked me up with some sweet PT type things and she even rubbed my back for a little while. I feel bad I can only pay her with chocolate and hand me downs. At least it's not hand me down chocolate. Oh God, I just realized why I don't post at night. My mind is not as sharp a tack as it is in the morning fueled by three cups of coffee. So I'll end now. I sent in my registration for the Tri for the Cure. Hope it motivates me. I am the rare breed that is not entirely motivated by paying money for things. I figure it's already spent so... Must find Eye of the Tiger. Duh Duh Duh.

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