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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Runner's High or Hormonal Mood Swing?

I don't care which, I'll take it.

I am still in the midst of half marathon training. Our weekly long runs are up to 6 miles at this point. I am impressed with myself but continually wonder where the other 7 are going to come from. A couple weeks ago we did a horrible, horrible 5 miles on the canal. I was hot and had several, what I and my friend Sara love to call, "situations." I had chafing and rubbing and heat stress and general bitchiness. I seriously thought about calling the whole thing off. I truly questioned my sanity when I saw a small tree with shade and thought about crawling under it while waiting for my running buddies to come back and retrieve me. But I made it (obviously). The next week we were doing 5 again and I was so dreading it. I had solved the chafing/rubbing issues (thank you Body Glide)! I ate a little something before and I had some lovely Tri Berry Nuun. Plus the temps were in the normal for human beings range and the sun was behind clouds. Perfect. I had decided before that I would not look at the Garmin and would just run as fast or slow as my body wanted. The run/walk/run was awesome and when we finished I felt like I could keep going. Keep going! After 5 miles, which incidentally was my longest run/walk/run EVER. Then we went to breakfast at Paradise Bakery and I wanted to hug everyone. And possibly kiss them. I was JUST SO HAPPY. Maybe it was the elusive runner's high. Maybe I was just hyperventilating. I don't know. The point is, I did not feel like I was going to die. And this made me feel like I can accomplish the goals I have set for myself. So much so that I was inspired to sign up for another half marathon in January. Perhaps I should not be near the computer during a runner's high. It's like that middle of the night shopping or gambling for people taking Ambien. I cannot be responsible for what I sign up for during a period of extreme giddiness and love of life resulting from pushing my body beyond its comfort zone.

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