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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

South Beach Redux

My carb addiction has landed me back on the beach...South Beach. I had to do a self-intervention after an afternoon of not one, but two, packages of Scooby Snacks (graham cracker not dog treat) were dipped in Nutella and consumed in the span of five minutes. And that was after several other questionable food choices. I blame it on camping and s'mores. But truthfully, I was going down the long road of carb overload before the graham-y goodness. So I had to take drastic measures and return to the carb detox. I don't know if I'll make the whole 14 days. We are going out of town on the 15th day and it seems like asking for trouble to assume I'll start adding carbs back sensibly while on vacation.

And this carb reduction couldn't come at a better time, as I have not exercised for a week. At first it was the foot I hurt while trying to retrieve my daughter's shoe from a meandering creek but then it just turned into pure, unadulterated laze. On the positive side, I had plenty of time to think (before the carb reduction started and began making my brain fuzzy). I have been taking a hard look at my goals and expectations and I came to the conclusion that I technically only have 10 more pounds to lose before I reach the highest limit of my "Healthy BMI." Having a BMI of 25% or lower has always been my plan but I always wanted to lose enough that I had a cushion if I went up a few pounds. At 174 (depending on the day, sometimes more and sometimes less) I am 10 pounds from the max healthy weight of 164. And just 14 from my goal of 160. No wonder it's so hard to lose weight. I always feel like the person who is in the middle of my weight loss but I'm actually at the tail end. And I need to acknowledge how much harder it will be. Additionally, while I would love to weigh below 160, essentially the weight I have to lose now is vanity weight. I'm probably healthier than a lot of "skinny" people. I know being lighter will automatically make me faster, right? I can dream. Give me something to hold onto. I just know it's going to be a struggle and what I'm currently doing is fine, if I want to maintain. Because I have reset my weight by about 20 pounds and I think my body likes it here. I just don't like it. So I need to get real about what it's going to take and what I'm willing to do. And eventually I have to make peace with carbs. Wish me luck. 

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  1. How are you doing on your fitness goals? Would love to get an update. Good luck!! :)Are you doing the Rock n' Roll race this year? In Phoenix? I'm doing the half.