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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Daft Schemes

OK I am so behind on my blogging and such. And possibly I do way too many events. I can't seem to compose posts about them before a new one comes up. And I totes have to describe the Seville Tri in agonizing detail (hint...I-yes me-placed in my age group and Athena). So I'll get right on that. Later. For now I would like to write about the beginning stages of my plan to join The Half Fanatics during my R'n'R training. I just have to complete 3 half marys (yes, I am aware of how pretentious/stupid it sounds to call a half a "half mary" and I will never do it again) in 90 days or 2 in16 days. I like the sound of the 90 days better. Like you have 30 days to slack off between each attempt. And the beauty of it is, you don't have to be fast. I could walk a half and still qualify. What do I have to lose (possibly the use of my legs). Aaron wants to run a marathon too copy cat and I had to explain that we could not run a marathon at the same time because someone needs to (minimally) parent our children. So now we're looking for races for him. And we found this: Route 66 Marathon. How can we not do a race in our hometown (right before Thanksgiving, which technically gives us the OK to consume as much as humanly possible). I'm also still considering the inaugural Rock 'n' Roll half in St. Louis with my bestie. That just leaves one more race. Maybe the Women's Half in November? When I look at the fact that all the races are 2 weeks apart I start to cry a little. But then I look at my training calendar and realize I'm supposed to be running 15, 17, 20 miles two weeks apart. And then I cry harder. If I can pull this off, I can do anything. Anything! And make no mistake, I will sleep for two weeks straight and eat Ben and Jerry's for dinner every night after it's all over. And then I'll start something else.

P.S. I was going to call this post "Crazy Schemes" but then I remembered my stance on not using "crazy" so I had to change it to "daft." Classy.

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