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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I'm not really into making resolutions. Sometimes I try. And then I fail. And then I cry. So I like to avoid that. But every year I do say to myself, "Wouldn't it be great if this was the year I get down to my goal weight so I don't have to keep thinking about getting down to my goal weight." And then I keep eating the same amount of brownies, doughnuts, Cherry Mash, etc. that I usually do. So it never really happens. But this year, this year will (please) be the one where I either get down to my goal weight or just stop caring. One or the other. It's not as if I wonder every day, "why can't I lose this weight." For an answer I just have to consult the sentence above regarding baked carbohydrates and sugar. If I could just rein that in, golden! And it's not as if I didn't start an exercise program in 2010 that carried me through the year. I even had one day when I thought, "I really need to go run." True, it was only that one day I thought, "I need to," rather than, "I have to," but that is progress. When I look back at my accomplishments for 2010 I feel the need to give myself a high  five. Witness:

  • My first sprint triathlon, Tri for the Cure in April.
  • A 5K (good but slower than last time) and 10K (horrible) as part of my training plan AND
  • A half marathon

This year I am starting the year off right with another half marathon this weekend. Please, please, please don't let me have jinxed myself by typing that. It just seems wrong when it's so close! I also would like to do a couple of open water sprints. I think that means I have to start swimming again though. And that is not such an enticing option. But maybe swimming should be the thing I conquer in 2011 (haha, never happen). 2010 was my running year. The year I embraced the running (with the help of Jeff Galloway and his magic run/walk/run). Instead of coming to a screeching halt at 3 miles, I was able to mentally lure myself into completing a lot of miles. And I hope my brain is not reading this and comprehending the trickery. Because I would love to keep running. Just not 11 miles at a time for a while.

P.S. I don't know if anyone really cares that the pictures on the sidebar are over a year old. I am hesitant to change them because when I look at them they actually look pretty fit due to the iPhone camera and I'm afraid the newer ones would make me look worse, even though I am actually lighter and more toned. One thing at a time.

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