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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Things I Love...

just in case you want to  buy me a Christmas present.

I have a growing collection of exercise related stuff. I'm still searching for the perfect pack or belt to take on my runs but I am a huge believer in my Camelback hand held water bottle. I tend to drink more when wearing it and it gives me something to death grip when I feel like I might just die. But I have a new found favorite thing:

Bondi Bands! They are delightful  headbands that don't slip and wick the nasty sweat away from important areas (like eyes, because seeing while running is always helpful). I always wanted to try them out but could only find them online. Then I discovered their booth at the Women's Half Marathon expo and immediately bought 3. Of course I didn't realize at the time that I bought the "fashion" bands and not the "wicking" bands but that only forced me to order 5 more when I got home. I wore the fashion band under my hat for the half and it worked pretty well. I also wear it only an almost daily basis now (I washed it first!) And here's photographic evidence:

And you thought I was lying! HA! The wicking bands really stay put and today I used it to cover my ears because it was arctic outside (well, arctic for AZ anyway). They had a coupon code for 5 for $25 - just put FIVE in the coupon space. I ordered "Run Walk Crawl Finish," "Suck it Up Cupcake," "I love running I hate running" (and it glows in the dark!) a tiara design and was forced to  buy a glow in the dark for my daughter. I highly, highly recommend Bondi bands (and they don't even know I exist so I'm not getting anything in return for this except maybe high fives from any friends who try them and love them)!

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